400 MW
Implemented on a turnkey basis, by delivering EPC
1 GW
Projects implemented partially, supported in different forms
1 250 000 Tons
CO2 avoided thanks to our solar projects
3 334 000 People
Provided with clean energy from our solar projects

About us

Unity Solar is an international company that belongs to Helios Strategia Group. Representing interests of Helios Strategia Group on American continent, Unity Solar carries out independent activities in the area of investing, land plots allocation & development, power producing, and PV-equipment supplying.

Unity Solar became a part of Helios Strategia Group in 2019 to join the big and successful family of solar professionals. Founded in the heart of New England, we want to be closer to our valuable customers.

Helios Strategia works to provide everyone with safe and environmentally-friendly energy at work, at home, and during the rest. And the role of Unity Solar is to develop our solar ideas and values in the USA.
Our mission is to provide the USA with safe, smart, affordable and environmentally-friendly energy; and to use existing natural resources responsibly

Our Company Services

Helios Strategia Group is a large international group of solar energy companies that work all over the world. Founded in 2008 in France, the group has a strong experience in solar energy. The group has dozens of realized projects in its company portfolio with total capacity of 400 MW. These projects were implemented by delivering EPC contracts.
Group is Women owned company, which invested in professional growth of their team of professionals.
Helios strategia involved in all cycles of renewable power production. From equipment procurement to closing equity financing for developed projects. Finally, the solar team of the group has successfully participated in solar projects with total capacity of about 1 GW. Unity Solar is ready to apply this experience in America.

Investing our time, finance and human resources into renewable energy sources
Land plots allocation & development — preparing land plots for SPP projects implementing

Power producing

Providing with clean energy produced by our renewable energy projects


PV-equipment supplying for profitable solar power plants